Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Temet Nosce

I am a fan of the Matrix films.  The story of Neo fascinated me.  I cannot believe it has been 16 years since it was released.  I was in Korea and I watched it the first time while stationed at Camp Humphreys.  It honestly was life changing for me.

Know thyself.  There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.

Monday, May 18, 2015


I enjoy watching films.  The movie, The Avengers, is a good one on many levels. I have not seen the second one yet, but look forward to it.
In any case, I have put thought into a sentence said by Dr. Banner in the first film.
When he says, "That's my secret cap. I'm always angry."
I can relate to this mindset. I can honestly say I have anger management issues in my life. I take medication for depression and anxiety which help keep my wild mood swings in some sort of control. But the anger never disappears.
Always there just below the surface like a burning molten core of lava...

I found a link that helps explain the sentence said by the character in the film.

"No offense but I disagree with Sunpech's analysis that Banner was joking when he said "I am always angry." In the realm of psychology there are symptoms in perfectly ordinary people of increased adrenalin, i.e. adrenalin barely above normal range. The effect of this can very easily lead to a kind of "contained rage syndrome" where the individual tends to feel oddly "angry" and irritable without any necessary outside stimulus to make them feel this way. We are talking a truly microscopic amount of increased adrenalin as the substance is in fact insanely potent and powerful, which is why the human body has so many mechanisms for CLEARING adrenalin from the blood stream as fast as possible when it is even the tiniest bit above normal. One sees similar symptoms in cases of a very slight-but-constant increase in testosterone (the famous "roid rage") and also in very down to earth cases of too much exposure to a constant high-stress environment (commonly leading to hypertension and high blood pressure).

Consider that Banner's chemical change is that his body goes from just-above-normal to insanely off-the-chart huge amounts of adrenalin in milliseconds (as adrenalin works that fast, and any stressful environment can cause release, e.g. getting bonked on the head when the heli-carrier propeller exploded in AVENGERS). Once the adrenal release begins, the trouble is stopping it, so consider that Banner's physiology got messed up and the normal pathways to clear the adrenalin do not function properly for hours at a time, leaving him full of this catalyst for the big green change.

Cross-referencing this with a typical study of Anger Management (which includes meditation at times) and you get a picture of someone very much like us who constantly has just the tiniest drop too much adrenalin coursing through their blood At All Times. The feeling of "Being Angry" would be a perpetual battle for their rational mind to abate and transform by way of self-control to a calmer, less angry state via standard Anger Management techniques which numerous Hulk references say Banner requires to stay Banner. Thus he is always on the edge, and all he has to do is take the smallest millisecond to STOP trying to control that anger and WHAM - Hulk.

ADD to this Banner's comment that "it's like being a giant exposed nerve" and you get the sense that - also an occurrence of adrenal release and sympathetic nervous system arousal in perfectly ordinary humans - he is in a state of hyper-sensitivity, which in his human form means he has to work hard to concentrate. People who have this condition also often develop varying degrees of OCD, which can very well manifest into pouring oneself into a mind-absorbing world like Science, especially if one is already a scientific genius. Thus Banner's obsession with Science is one of the ways he cope's, handles all the input coming in through his hyper-aroused senses, and stays calm.
Really all he has to do is stop all this work at staying calm for one split second and the Hulk chemistry takes over. Thus his comment, "I am always angry" (subtext - "but I spend all my energy keeping that anger contained.")

Taken from

Placebo - Pure Morning