Sunday, February 26, 2017

1977 Fiber Stream RV renovation

Been working on renovating this 1977 Fiber Stream RV, luckily we had the original manuals for the water heater, refrigerator, and stove.  The stove in our RV has cracked glass in the window, so we are replacing it with a burner that will sit on the countertop. We tested and know the fridge works on electricity, we haven't tested the water heater yet.

We are currently in the middle of changing out the original wiring, this also includes installing a WFCO 8935 power center. Also, we have been repairing all the small leaks and cracks in the fiberglass shell of the camper. My wife removed most of the benches and cabinets over the benches in the front, she also painted the bathroom.

I am including links to the manuals I scanned because after researching the Internet, I have found there aren't many of these left for people who may need them.

Dometic Refrigerator Gas Electric Installation Manual

Dometic Refrigerator Gas Electric Use Manual

Mor-Flo Model 10-ARV Water Heater Manual

Will post photos soon, hope these links work and people are able to get the information they need for their projects.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Graphic Design

About to graduate with a degree in Mass Communication specializing in graphic design and a minor in business administration. I was told to create a portfolio for my work I have done so far.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


A Chippewa Legend

Two Ojibwa Indians in a canoe had been blown far from shore by a great wind. They had gone far and were hungry and lost. They had little strength left to paddle, so they drifted before the wind. At last their canoe was blown onto a beach and they were glad, but not for long.
Looking for the tracks of animals, they saw some huge footprints which they knew must be those of a giant. They were afraid and hid in the bushes. As they crouched low, a big arrow thudded into the ground close beside them. Then a huge giant came toward them. A caribou hung from his belt, but the man was so big that it looked like a rabbit. He told them that he did not hurt people and he like to be a friend to little people, who seemed to the giant to be so helpless.
He asked the two lost Indians to come home with him, and since they had no food and their weapons had been lost in the storm at sea, they were glad to go with him. An evil Windigo spirit came to the lodge of the giant and told the two men that the giant had other men hidden away in the forest because he liked to eat them. The Windigo pretended to be a friend, but he was the one who wanted the men because he was an eater of people. The Windigo became very angry when the giant would not give him the two men, and finally the giant became angry too. He took a big stick and turned over a big bowl with it. A strange animal which the Indians had never seen before lay on the floor, looking up at them. It looked like a wolf to them, but the giant called the animal ‘Dog.’ The giant told him to kill the evil Windigo spirit. The beast sprang to its feet, shook himself, and started to grow, and grow, and grow. The more he shook himself, the more he grew and the fiercer he became. He sprang at the Windigo and killed him; then the dog grew smaller and smaller and crept under the bowl.
The giant saw that the Indians were much surprised and please with Dog and said that he would give it to them, though it was his pet. That, as the Indians tell, was how the first dog came to the Earth.